Katestone has been a leading provider of expert air quality and meteorology services in Australia since 1989. Located in Brisbane, our team of approximately 15 professionals has developed an enviable reputation for high quality advice to clients in the mining, energy, heavy industry, government and agricultural sectors. Our long list of loyal clients is a testament to the principled way in which we conduct our business and the respect we have gained in the industry.

At Katestone, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Our first priority is to identify exactly what your project requires to succeed. We then work with you to deliver the best solution to enable successful completion of the project. Clear and open communication underpins this process, as does a rigorous approach to problem solving.

Company Vision

At Katestone our mission is Clear Skies. For us this means;

  • Clear communication with our clients and the community
  • Developing a clear understanding of what the future might hold and planning accordingly
  • Using data to make sense of the world
  • Unravelling the science for real world applications and decisions
  • Developing decision support systems to provide a simple but powerful interpretation of complex issues
  • Working towards a more certain future for our children

We look forward to helping to make your life easier by providing the right advice for your unique requirements and offering consulting services that exceed your expectations.

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Katestone recognises its responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment and is committed to achieving this through principles of:

  • Fostering a positive safety culture through effective health and safety leadership
  • Providing information, training and supervision to employees and workplace visitors that enables the identification and elimination of hazards
  • Establishing safe work practices and procedures for working and behaving in a safe and healthy manner
  • Encouraging everyone’s contribution toward health and safety by promoting individual’s personal wellbeing and fitness for work
  • Achieving and where possible exceeding compliance with workplace health and safety regulations.

Katestone strives to provide a workplace that enables employees to carry out their duties in a safe, healthy environment and requires that people do not act in a manner that compromises that safe and healthy environment.

The above commitment is given effect through internal policies that can be made available to clients on request, including:

  • Occupational health and safety policy
  • Site visit policy
  • Travel to work policy

At Katestone, we appreciate that many of the projects we work on – e.g. mines, infrastructure, heavy industries, intensive agriculture – are associated with adverse environmental and social impacts. Nevertheless, we are grateful for the opportunity to problem-solve with our clients and collaborate with regulators to help minimise impacts.

The advice we offer to decision makers on major projects can make a difference vastly greater than what we could achieve from green office initiatives – but we also enjoy ‘walking the talk’. Our new office at Marie Street in Milton features efficient T5 fluorescent light fittings, recycled timbers and ‘monkey pots’ with indoor plants. The office has a 5 star NABERS rating. We recycle avidly and have a worm farm for organic waste.

Most importantly, we commit to continual improvement so that our efforts in applying sustainability in our work and in our business practices get progressively better over months and years.