Katestone’s award-winning team of scientists and engineers have extensive experience delivering specialised solutions for your business. Our areas of expertise are air quality, meteorology and forecasting, and carbon management, energy, climate risk and adaptation.

Air Quality

Delivering over 800 projects in the last ten years – including over 600 Mtpa of coal export terminal capacity, over 20 mine developments, 23,000 MW of power generating capacity, 40 gas turbine power stations and LNG Plants with a total capacity of 50 Mtpa – the Katestone team is well equipped to tackle your important air quality issues.


Weather has an important impact on our lives and on Australian infrastructure and industries. The cornerstone of Katestone Weather Intelligence is our numerical weather solution system – a site specific weather and air quality forecast system that can be tailored to the particular needs of a client or industry.


Don’t know your El Niño from your La Niña? Or how they may impact on your business?
Let us unravel the science and help you assess your potential risk to future climate
variability. If your industry, activity or event is sensitive to weather, a detailed and
accurate description of the local and regional climate is an essential component
of your overall business intelligence.

Why choose us?

We innovate
When a conventional method fails, we develop an alternative. Our strong track record of applied research and development, strategic adoption of new technologies and use of customised in-house software, ensures we are at the forefront of our field.

We are technically competent
Excelling in the service we offer clients is a key driver of all that we do at Katestone. To achieve this, we have brought together some of Australia’s leading experts in their field. Our commitment to our people is to continually enhance their skills and experience, and offer national and international professional development opportunities.

We problem solve

Solving problems effectively and efficiently is our passion. Our approach is thorough and always driven by the data. You can be assured that the solutions we offer are relevant and accurate and will enable you to move your business forward.

We communicate clearly
Although we operate in a highly technical field, we pride ourselves on communicating in a clear and concise way that is easily understood by all – regardless of whether it is a report, email, phone conversation or meeting.

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