Senior Consultant
Air Quality

Sarah-Jane Donnelly completed Bachelor of Science (Geography) and Master of Science (Air Pollution Control and Management) degrees at Birmingham University in the UK in 2006.

Sarah-Jane has completed air quality assessments for a wide range of projects including major road schemes and urban re-developments in the UK. Since Sarah-Jane joined Katestone in 2009 she has successfully project managed major industrial, power generation and mining projects at a standard beyond client expectations. Sarah-Jane has a sound knowledge of the application of the latest dispersion models CALMET/CALPUFF TAPM and AUSPLUME to model complex sources of air emissions and odour.

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Quick Questions

What do you do at Katestone?

In a nutshell, I am an expert on air pollutants, air dispersion and the quality of the air we breathe. I spend my days managing a range of projects, talking with clients and working with a great team to ensure that Katestone’s air quality assessments are completed to the highest standard.

Who inspires you?

Anyone that sacrifices their owns needs and desires for the benefit of others.