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Senior Consultant Air Quality

Micheal completed a Bachelor of Engineering degree (Biosystems) at University College Dublin in 2003. He subsequently spent five years researching various odour measurement, abatement and dispersion modelling subjects, being awarded Masters of Engineering Science in 2006 and a PhD in 2009.  Micheal joined Katestone as a Senior Consultant in 2013 bringing almost four years of consulting experience in air quality impact assessment.

Micheal has completed air quality projects assessing the impacts of odour, dust and other air contaminants for mining, agricultural, municipal, industrial and regulatory clients. His assessments have been used as part of Development Approvals, Transitional Environmental Programs, Environmental Impact Statements and Expert Witness Processes.

Micheal specialises in odour impact assessment and compliments existing Katestone experts in key areas including odour emissions estimation, policy and regulation. He has worked on many projects involving estimation of emissions from intensive poultry production, waste water treatment, pumping stations, landfills and asphalt production. He has designed and implemented odour monitoring campaigns involving olfactometry, field odour assessment and odour nuisance surveys. He has also utilised a range of numerical meteorological and dispersion modelling in odour assessments including CALMET/CALPUFF, TAPM, AUSPLUME, SCREEN, ADMS and ISCST3.

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Quick Questions

What do you do at Katestone?
I work as an environmental consultant on all aspects of air quality impact assessment. My day to day job includes working on the technical issues and reporting associated with air quality impact assessment, as well as management and quality assurance of projects.

Who inspires you?
Michael O’Leary.