Managing Director

Christine became a director of Katestone Environmental in 2000 and is now joint owner of the company. She has worked exclusively as an air quality consultant since graduating from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Technology in Atmospheric Science degree in 1994.

Christine’s expertise includes meteorological and air quality analysis, with particular reference to industrial site evaluation; air quality impact assessments ranging from large industrial projects to regional photochemical impacts to local impacts of dust and odours; and detailed practical knowledge of a variety of regulatory and specialist dispersion models.

Christine is a member the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand, the Air and Waste Management Association and the American Meteorological Society.

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Quick Questions

What do you do at Katestone?

I keep the company on track. I stress about work flow, either too much or not enough and manage our R&D programs.

Something that inspires you?

Helping to plan development to ensure our environment can be enjoyed by future generations.