Katestone Environmental, Australian odour and air quality consultant, announces the opening of its European base in Ireland Katestone’s Director, Simon Welchman, is happy to announce the company’s first European Branch has opened in Ireland. The company intends to take advantage of its unique skills in air quality, dispersion modelling and meteorological forecasting to move into the European market.

“We have a unique opportunity to build on our excellent track record in air quality and odour consulting. Recent developments in Europe and Ireland provide an interesting mix of circumstances to test the European market…”

Katestone Environmental is a leading provider of consulting services in air quality, odour, greenhouse gases, climate change adaptation, climatology and meteorology. Katestone is a sought after specialty consulting firm that has operated from Brisbane, Australia, providing services to clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the United States since 1989. Through its core air quality modelling services, Katestone has developed substantial expertise in a range of fields that are connected by a need to understand, in detail, meteorology and climate.

“…Katestone has consistently worked on projects outside of Australia. Distance has never been a problem for us, but with today’s technology, the world is even smaller…” Simon said.

Dr Micheal Fogarty has returned to his homeland of Ireland after nine years in Australia to establish and develop Katestone’s business in Europe. Dr Fogarty will work closely with Katestone’s Directors to build a strong offering into the European market. Dr Fogarty brings extensive experience in all aspects of odour assessment including: odour control, abatement, advanced meteorological and dispersion modelling, nuisance and complaints. Dr Fogarty sees an opportunity to work with European firms to use advanced models to improve their environmental compliance and reduce risk.

“…In Australia I had the opportunity to apply advanced meteorological and dispersion modelling techniques that helped us solve some tricky problems for our clients. Odour nuisance, in particular, can be difficult to trace. We’ve used advanced models and climatological analysis to help resolve long-standing problems at the community and industrial interface.” Dr Fogarty said.